Friday, January 1, 2010

Chocolate Trifle

Chocolate trifle gone good!!
From the kitchen of PRINCESSNANCY420 on Weight Watchers
Servings 18
Estimated POINTS® value per serving 3

-8 oz free cool whipped topping
-12 oz free cool whipped topping
-small box instant sugar free chocolate pudding
-small can fat free condensed milk (14oz?)
-2 egg whites
-can coke zero cherry
-1 box devils food cake mix
-1/2 cup water


1. mix together cake mix, egg whites and can of soda.
2. bake at temp/time designated on cake mix box.
3.Cool cake completely.
4.Mix together instant pudding, water and condensed milk.
5.fold in 8 oz whipped topping
6.layer in trifle dish, cake, pudding mix, whipped topping creating 6 layers
7.refrigerate until chilled/time to serve
Special Notes:
you can use whatever can of soda you like.

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