Thursday, April 8, 2010

Portion Control

Tips to help with your portion control.
  • Switch to salad or dessert plates for your dinner plate.  Dinner plates are about twice the size of a dinner plate from the 50's or 60's.  When you have a larger plate, the tendancy is to add extra food.  And if you struggle with the mentality of cleaning your plate, a smaller plate will help prevent over eating.
  • Store your leftovers in portion controled containers.  Ziplock is going to love me for that one! :)
  • Use the plate method.  Before you add items to your dinner plate, divide the plate visually into four parts - like this image from kids health:
For best results, on bottom half of plate only use non-starchy vegetables.  To ease you into this way of thinking, consider purchasing divided plates, they are sold in paper, plastic or reusable versions. 
Check out the kids section at the any retailer.  

Dining out? 
  • Ask for a to go box with your meal, divide the meal accordingly and box up half before you begin eating. 
  • Order off the kids menu. 
  • Split a meal with your companion
  • Going for Pizza? Order thin crust, avoid the meats, stock up on the veggies and don't eat more than 2 slices. 

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