Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Diet Soda Cake

Diet Soda Cake
From Weight Watchers Forums
1 box cake mix - any flavor
1 can diet soda - any flavor
1 small tub of fat free cool whip
Empty box of dry mix in a medium bowl.  Pour soda into the bowl and mix until moist.  Only these two ingredients are required.  Spray a 9x13 pan with pam and bake according the cake mix directions.  Let cake cool completely (I mean it - all the way or it won't cut clean). Top with cool whip right before serving.  YUM!

Optional: add 2 egg whites to the mix. The result will make the cake firmer and rise better.
chocolate cake w/ diet coke
yellow cake w/ diet lemon-lime
white cake w/ diet orange
white cake w/diet cherry dr pepper
yellow cake w/ diet vanilla coke
chocolate cake w/ diet cherry coke
chocolate cake w/ diet raspberry rite
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