Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!

Today is the 20th anniversary of Earth Day! 

So in honor of our beloved planet, here is my tip on a way you can stay lean and green.
Let's talk water - I am an recovering bottled water drinker.  In the beginning, the only way I could get my required 8 glasses of water was to drink a particular tasty brand named bottled water.  I guess I could give them a plug - I love you Aquafina!  Anyway, not to even touch on the fact that it was burning a hole in my pocket book, I can't count the bottles that I drank and then threw away.  You heard me...*hanging my head* - "Threw Away".  I live in a town that is not recycle friendly.  We don't have cute recepticals on the curb that I can conveniently throw my plastics into.  So after some thinking on the subject, I purchased a brita filter.  I love you Brita!  Now I carry my water in a BPA friendly washable water bottle.  And I have a spare water bottle given to me by my FP4H leader that I use at my office.  (Thankfully we have filter water available) 

So there is my tip - go out and buy a brita filter, they are amazing.  And make sure your bottle is BPA friendly, we want to love our planet, not junk it up. 

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