Sunday, June 9, 2013

Make-Ahead-Freezer Meal Plan for Beginners ... like me.


We've all seen the posts, Pinterest and blogs are full of them - Make-Ahead-Freezer Meal Plans. I have decided it is time to jump on this band wagon and see what happens. I will be enlisting my daughters assistance. She has recently rented her first place and is experiencing meal planning of her own.

This is my plan:

I am planning my method of madness. We are going to get together on Sundays and start small, then build.

This week:

  • Chop veggies and fruits that we have left over from the week into baggies for quick use. 
    • Sounds easy enough. This will be for quick adds and so they do not go bad.
  • Make ahead 3 lunches.
    • Mini Ham and Cheese Bagel Sandwiches
    • Ham and Cheese Cornbread Muffins
    • PB&J Sandwiches - typical prep and placed in baggies (testing this out, not sure how the bread will fair).
    • variety of raw veggies and fruits
      • Orange slices into half moons and placed in baggies
      • Grapes, removed from stems and placed in baggies
      • Divide mini carrots into baggies.
      • Slice up peppers and place in baggies.
  • Make 3 dishes.

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