Friday, September 11, 2009

Coupon How-To: To stock or not to stock

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Welcome back. Today we are discussing stockpiles. Stockpiling is purchasing several items when the price is very good and saving them to use later when needed. Is this necessary? I say yes. There will be a time when you are able to get free items, however you may not need them that week. You need the space to save. That is money in your pocket.

Note of warning: Stockpiles can be a touchy subject to couponers. There are varying degrees of stockpiling. I have see MASSIVE stockpiling where you could live for years and never have to purchase another item and I have seen comfortable stockpiling to cover what you'll need for the week. But whatever you do - don't insult a couponer based on their decision. This is like getting into a political discussion in a bar - not wise! Not to mention, rude.

With that said, I only stockpile what I have room for (and I have plenty of room). I also clean out alot of my stockpile around Christmas time to donate to shelters, pantries and VA hospitals. They can always use HBA products.

With that said - here are a few questions to help you decide how much or even if you are going to stockpile.

Do you own a deep freezer? Do you know how much you can accommodate?
How about cabinet space? Have you made some room?
Any additional space?

Here are a few ideas on how to stockpile.
  • Rearrange your kitchen cabinets to a more organized fashion to allow for easier storage.
  • Extra space above a closet (I have two closets in my home that had alot of "dead" space above and nothing there. So I added shelves.)
  • Shelving in garage or basement
  • Under the bed (I've seen storage bins that fit under beds being used to store more discrete products like toiletries)
  • Under the sinks
  • Drawers
  • Bottoms of closets

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