Saturday, September 12, 2009

Coupon How-To: Plan of Action

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Today we are discussing Our Plan of Action.

Are we ready? We have our tools - check. We know our online resources and have taken a peek at least once at them - check. We know how much stockpile room we can accomodate - check. We have our list - um...not yet.

Ok, since we are just starting our stockpile, we are open limited only by our space. Now we need to know what necessities we need (standard grocery list).

My old preferred method comes from Karen Ehman. I love the idea of a pre-printed grocery list. I modified my own to mimic hers found here. However, these days I use and electronic list on my phone in excel. So whatever method you chose, be sure it doesn't take up too much time.

There are going to be things you just have to purchase this week. There is no getting around it - the only thing we can hope for is that they are either on sale or we can find a cheap generic. Don't stress this too much, these items get fewer and farther between as your stockpile grows.

You have started the ball rolling. Tomorrow is the big day.

Next Post - I'll give you a glimpse at what I'm clipping and purchasing this week.


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