Thursday, September 10, 2009

Coupon How-To: Online Resources

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Welcome back! If you are just joining us, we are discussing coupons. Be sure to click to yesterdays post to get up to speed. Today we are talking about Online Resources!

When I'm talking online resources, I only deal with free ones. Women, just like you and me that are offering up some advice on deals they have seen. These resources come in varying styles. Let's start with Blogs.

I love Keeping the Kingdom First - not only do I love her $5 CVS and Walgreens Challenges, I love this blog in general. However, for this post, her challenges are a great way to match up your coupons to the sales.

I heart CVS - I find this blog a little harder to read, however I love the deals she matches.

Coupon Cravings - She covers it all.

The last online resource is my be all end all resource. If this was the only resource I could use, I'd be one happy camper. - this is an free online community that works with discussion boards. There are hundreds of people on this site and it is heavily monitored for scams, which makes me feel more at ease. Simply set up an account and prepare to be amazed. Note of warning: Be prepared to spend some time on this site your first few times on it. Until you learn your way around there is ALOT to look at and learn. I credit this site for 95% of my knowledge. Please look around but don't miss the forums, that is where all the good information is.

While checking out the site, be sure to read up on how CVS works. We'll be heading there on Sunday. I didn't like ECB's at first and found it all very confusing, but if worked right, they can save you alot of money. Also - be sure to check out next week's preview on CVS and Walgreens - that's right - in some cases you can see several weeks before they even start. How great is that? And - be sure to check out the coupon database. It is a good tool.

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