Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Party Themes

My husband and I lead a small group at our church. We have 4/5 other couples over twice a month. Our time constrant is 3 hours and we eat dinner together in potluck style. I've compiled a list of themes and I thought I'd share them with you since I haven't seen anything exactly like this online. I hope you find something on this list helpful. Please feel free to add to the list in my comments.
  1. Crazy Night - attire: crazy hats, glasses, shoes etc.; dinner: crazy off the wall delicious recipes you have that isn't the norm; decor: fun party atmosphere.
  2. Fiesta - dinner: favorite mexican dish; decor: mexican fiesta - cactus, sombreros, chillis, maracas, etc
  3. Rise and Shine - attire: pajamas, slippers; dinner: breakfast food, oj, chocolate milk, coffee;
  4. Mafia Night - attire: mobster; dinner: Italian
  5. Tailgate - attire: fav football jersey; dinner: platter sandwiches, chilli, potato skins, chex mix, rice krispie treats
  6. Octoberfest - dinner: german
  7. Wienie roast - environment: outdoors; dinner: hot dogs, chips, smores
  8. Chilli cookoff - dinner: chili - all kinds, cornbread, crackers
  9. Finger foods - dinner: only food you can eat with your fingers
  10. Appetizers - dinner: appetizers and snacky food.
  11. Luau - attire: hawaiin shirts, flip flops, beachware; dinner: hawaiin luau food - bbq pork, pinapple, etc.
  12. Chuckwagon - dinner: bbq beef sandwiches, chips, applesauce, salad; decor: raffle tickets, paper placemats, hair nets
  13. Pizza Night - dinner: everyone bring a homemade pizza.
  14. Best Dish - dinner: bring your specialty dish.
  15. Pie in the face- dinner: chilli pie, shepherds pie, chicken pot pie; attire: aprons and chef hats; decor: diner feel
  16. Fondue Date Night - dinner: fondue - cheese with meatballs, cocktail weiners, raw veggies
  17. Encore Dinner - dinner: progressive dinner style (each couple responsible for one of the entrees-Appetizer, salad, main dish, dessert, drinks)
  18. Potluck Movie Theme - pick a movie and theme everything around it - attire to match example - dress as a character; dinner to match the theme (this will be easier with certain movies like Soul Food), decor to match theme.
  19. Soul food - Dinner: southern meals;
  20. BBQ - dinner: burgers, chips, baked beans, potato salad etc.
  21. Black Tie - attire: black tie (suit & dresses); dinner: five star cuisine; decor: high class
  22. Stick to it - dinner: kabobs (dessert and meal)
  23. 50's Night dinner: malts, shakes, burgers, casseroles
  24. Back to School dinner: school lunch tray, lunch lady apron & hair net, fav lunch line foods
  25. Spooktastic - dinner: scary foods; attire - halloween costume; decor: halloween
  26. Taco Bar
  27. Souper Bowl (Soup and Sandwich)

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